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Flexo Parts Specials

Contact us at (800) 678-7222 in the US & Canada at +1 (847) 818-1100 from all other locations. If you would prefer to contact us via email, send your requests to info@aaapress.com and we will provide you with the technical assistance you need, answer your questions on pricing, or provide any additional information you request. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you at any time.

RD Scorer, Crushcut & Shearcut Blades

Mark Andy, Webtron, Rotoflex, Arpeco, Aquaflex & more.


Offer valid through August 31st, 2017

Webtron 650 OBS Impression Rolls & Gears

  • 32DP or 1/8-63T- (2) available
    Part #6445

  • 1/8-64T - (2) available
    Part #6459

NOW: $225.00

Limited impression roll quantities available. While supplies last!

5% off gears w/ purchase of discounted impression roll.

Label Repositioner - Webtron 650/750

NOW: $2,995.00
Was: $5,750.00

Only 1 left in stock