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  Max™ Series Corona Treatment
Max Series
Narrow Web Corona Treatment

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TL Max™ Series Surface Treater

Narrow web corona treatment... improves bond of ink and coatings. Corona treatment
of film, coated paper, and foil maximizes coating "wet out", resulting in better density.

Enercon’s TL MAX™ corona treatment (sometimes referred to as air plasma) improves adhesion for printing, coating, bonding and laminating applications. Efficiency power generators combine with high powered electrodes to raise the surface energy of a wide variety of conductive and non-conductive substrates. The ingenious TL MAX™ design simplifies set-up, operation and maintenance. A patented airflow design provides enhanced treatment levels and creates unique ozone removal capabilities for a safe work area.


  • Select model based on your treat width requirements:
    10” (254 mm), 14” (355 mm), 18” (457 mm), 22” (558 mm)
  • Choose from single and double sided treatment systems
  • Enercon’s Power or Power2 electrodes deliver reliability and treat strength
  • Hinged electrode assembly for easy set-up and maintenance
  • High voltage transformer

Optional Feauture / Accessories:

  • Exhaust blower (CFM, HP ratings based on your needs)
  • High voltage switching for treatment of one or both sides of the web

PDF  To download Enercon TL MAX™ - Narrow Web Surface Treater PDF, click here.

  XL Series Corona Treatment
XL Series
Narrow Web Corona Treatment

XL Series Narrow Web Surface Treater

Compact corona treating system fits virtually any narrow web press.

If you are looking for XL-lence in narrow web corona treatment -- look no further. Enercon's XL Series
narrow web corona treating system combines the best features of our proven TL Series treater with
some remarkable improvements.


  • Power Supply in a Drawer - The power supply is built right into the station. This eliminates the need
    to locate, mount and wire the power supply in a remote location.
  • Increased Treating Power - A unique new system design allows stations with only one electrode
    assembly to do the job that previously required two, resulting in an overall design that delivers
    40%+ more treat power while requiring 20% less space for positioning and mounting.
  • Remote Control - All operator controls are contained in a separate control panel (5" x 5"
    x 12") which can be located for operator convenience.
  • Easy Maintenance - Electrode assemblies have been redesigned for easy removal, making
    station cleaning and maintenance a breeze.
  • Smaller by Design - Saves considerable space to fit virtually all narrow web presses.
    Total cubic size has been reduced 20%.
  • Complete Electrical Safety - Electrical interlock has been added to indicate 'out of position'
    electrode, increasing operator safety.
  • Ozone Removal - Ducting for ozone exhaust has been relocated to preserve prime operator
    work space while insuring an ozone safe work area. Optional ozone destruct unit available.
  • Optional Watt Density Control - Now brighter, easier-to-read display (10" x 10" x 6").
    Set a precise treatment level in seconds for automatic, consistent treatment control.

PDF  To download Enercon XL Series - Narrow Web Surface Treater PDF, click here.

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