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  Maximizer - IR Drying Systems

Perfect drying solution
Combine the Maximizer IR dryer
system with the proven Lightouch
UV curing system.



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Maximizer IR Dryer System...

Manufactured in the USA by AAA Press International

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Maximized drying in a compact case. More effective than hot air dryers due to impinged air IR design.

Maximizer IR drying systems are state-of-the-art electric impinged air infrared 4-bulb, 6-bulb or 9-bulb dryers that offer converters the maximum drying power in a compact sleek dryer hood that uses only 6" to 14" of web length. The system can be installed as a retrofit on existing equipment or as original dryers on new equipment to increase drying speeds and thoroughly dry inks and aqueous coatings.

The Maximizer IR dryer uses between 4 to 9 quartz tube heaters which are positioned directly in front of impingement slots to deliver precisely controlled heat to the web. The system includes an "auto ramp" feature which automatically increases or decreases heater output proportional to line speed. Maximizer infrared systems are produced with all UL approved electronic components that incorporate digital technology with fully adjustable controls and color touch-screen operator interface.


Combine the Maximizer IR drying system with the proven Lightouch UV curing system, both manufactured by AAA Press International, for a compact in-line solution to drying or curing of aqueous or UV based inks and coatings. This one-of-a-kind combination dryer minimizes floor space with all-in-one electronic controls and interface, as well as reducing necessary web length due to its compact design.


  • Compact Hood Design
    An easy retrofit, the Maximizer is manufactured in two different configurations that range in web length between 9” and 14”. The heater hood is produced of mild steel with a matte finished black powder coated surface.
  • Maximize the Power
    Heater output between 2,500 and 20,000 watts of power (depending on web width) ensures absolute drying in almost any application.
  • Simple Operation
    Electronic controls include either PLC or analog with simple operator interface. Either control system automatically evacuates hot air from the web housing during line stops to ensure stable web control. PLC units include an “auto ramp” feature which automatically increases or decreases heater output proportional to line speed.

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