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Lightouch™ UV Curing Systems...
Manufactured in the USA by AAA Press International

UV curing systems producing intense ultraviolet light for curing of uv inks, varnishes, adhesives, and coatings.

There are many benefits to using ultraviolet (UV) curing systems in printing and coating applications. UV curing of inks and coating are environmentally friendly, as they produce very little volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) while providing excellent results to the finished product. UV chemistry is typically a 100% solid formulation that requires intense ultraviolet curing light to completely cure / dry the applied liquid. A fully cured UV ink/coating provides many desirable characteristics including physical and chemical stability. 

UV inks are much more vibrant, withstand harsh chemicals and are more abrasion resistant than water-based or solvent-based inks. UV varnishes provide better fade resistance, gloss and reflectivity than aqueous coatings or film lamination. UV adhesives provide physical properties similar to solvent-based systems, but are environmentally friendly because they produce very little VOC’s. AAA Press is the proud manufacturer of Lightouch™ UV curing systems for more than 18 years with over 2,500 uv lamps in the field and less than 1.4% warranty claims. The Lightouch™ system has three electronic controller options to choose from with distinctly different features. 

Versiflex UV Curing System

Our most popular electronic c ontrol system, the Versiflex is a 5-stage auto intensity model offering touch screen remote control with complete system flexibility by allowing the operator to program many features such as shutter timing, auto-ramp settings & maintenance reminders. The “smart” PLC technology also reduces waste and improves uptime with auto fault protection to shut off the press in the event of a UV failure & auto-troubleshooting to display repair procedures.

 Read more about Versiflex UV Curing System, click here.

Microstep UV Curing System

The Microstep electronic controller is ideal for curing on heat sensitive substrates such as thin films or papers, as it offers 21-stage intensity auto-ramp programming along with all of the other features included with the Versiflex model. All Microstep models include a closed-loop variable speed exhaust blower with frequency modulated drive to accurately control lamp temperature when running heat sensitive substrates.

Read more about Microstep UV Curing System, click here.

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